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This Web Page is dedicated to the topic of FREEDOM.  Freedom to come and go as you please, any day of the week.  Freedom to go wherever you wish, to do whatever you wish, when you choose to do it, no matter what the cost.

Freedom to give time to your family.  Freedom to travel.  Freedom to minister.  Freedom to get involved in a social or political cause.  Freedom to rest.  Freedom to work, if you choose, OR, Freedom to NOT work, if you choose.  Freedom to fish or golf or shop or fix or build or read or listen or give or help.

Freedom to do any or all of those things, and more, anytime you wish, because you CAN. Because you have both the Money AND the Time to do them.


An Abundance of Both of Those Things Does Indeed Provides a Lifestyle of FREEDOM And Empowerment.

The Quest For That Lifestyle Is What’s At The Heart of The Entire Home-Based Business Industry, Past, Present  and Future.

One Business Model has always dominated that industry, the Network Marketing Model. That’s because the compensation plan of that business model is structured to pay monthly residual income commissions on the revenue that results from all monthly purchases from all customers and distributors or members. Make a sale one time, get paid month after month, year in, year out, as long as the revenue keeps coming into the company.  Enough residual income equals “quit your job” income, which equals total time freedom, the ultimate prize.

Now I know that the mere mention of Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing, MLM for short, as it used to be called, conjures up all kinds of negative thoughts and preconceived ideas in the minds of many of you reading this.

Some of those negative thoughts are valid.  Some are NOT.

Here’s my challenge to you.

Give me a chance to show you how I have, through a combination of discovery and creation, developed a home business opportunity that is based on the network marketing business model but has none of the problems that have plagued that industry since its beginning.

Despite all of its past short comings and inherent problems, network marketing is still the only business model that allows someone with no previous business experience or knowledge and little to no resources to actually start up and grow a business that can literally make that lifestyle we’re talking about here a reality.

If you will allow me to, I will show you, Free of charge or obligation, a completely new and revolutionary plan designed to create a full time, monthly, residual income totaling 6 Figures annually ($100K) in 30 to 90 Days, and that’s just the beginning, using an opportunity for which there are literally No Legitimate Objections, including no tangible, high priced products to deal with. The product is an online business service that anyone on the Internet anywhere on the planet can afford and can use.

There’s no selling or convincing anyone of anything.  The web pages do it all.  All you need to do is what was done for you – give this Web Page Address to those you think might be interested.  We’ll take it from there.

I know, I know.  Sounds too good to be true, impossible even. 

Well here’s my second challenge to you.  Show me a flaw in this plan if you can.  No one has done so yet.

Or show me a better and simpler plan and I’ll join you on the spot.

Nothing like this has ever been done before.  It flies in the face of everything the Gurus on the Internet have been teaching and promoting for years.  You don’t need them or anything they’re telling you that you need.

If the lifestyle we’ve been talking about is something you’ve been dreaming about for years and that dream just refuses to die, then congratulations because this is your answer to finally make that dream come true.

If this whole idea is somewhat new to you but you’re ready to investigate it, you are very lucky indeed.  Don’t waste years learning the hard lessons most of us have had to learn.

Simply get back to the person that gave you this web page address now and ask them for the details.  They are all on the Web. 

It all starts with a spectacular 4 Minute Video.  Once you’ve seen that you will know if this is something that will forever change Your Life or NOT.

By this time tomorrow you could be starting the countdown to those income figures and, ponder this, dreaming of the day you have to have that wonderful talk with your boss.

I wish you the best.


Copyright 2012   Spence Gruendler